Cryogenic Perlite

Cryogenic equipment is used to handle liquid gas. Thermal insulation is important in this area. Perlite is effective due to its characteristics.

It is used in equipment for the production of oxygen. Perlite has proven itself as thermal protection for cryogenic tanks, tankers and bioproduct storage facilities. It is used for thermal insulation of equipment connected with transportation and storage of liquefied gas. Pipelines are insulated with expanded perlite.

All of this is possible thanks to its very low thermal conductivity. Perlite retains its properties even during cyclic temperature fluctuations. During cryogenic processes, it may fall below 100°C. The material is resistant to low temperatures, which is why it is so effective in cryogenic engineering.

As a thermal insulation, perlite is responsible for the continuous operation of equipment and safety. It is also durable and non-combustible.

For insulation of cryogenic equipment a high-quality material - perlite - is essential. This is what you will find on our website.
Cryogenic perlite Global Perlita


  • Durable
  • Light weight
  • Cost-effective
  • Non-flammable
  • Moisture resistant

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Cryogenic perlite Global Perlita
Cryogenic perlite Global Perlita

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