Perlite for agriculture

Plants are grown in greenhouses, pots and hydroponics to obtain a good harvest. It depends on the quality of the soil. Perlite, a natural soil substrate, is used to improve the soil structure.

Tomatoes, peppers and other plants get 98% of their oxygen from their roots. Therefore, if the soil is dense, they will die. Perlite helps to solve this problem. The soil becomes loose enough and air flows into the root system without obstruction.

Perlite increases infiltration and thanks to its liquid retention property, it provides economical irrigation. By delivering water when it is needed. It ensures better plant growth.

Thanks to the perlite, the soil does not overheat. It is a white substrate and therefore reflects the light and heat of the sun well on the underside of the leaves. Due to the low amount of active ions, it is free from alkaline and saline reactions.

Weed seeds and insect larvae will not enter the soil together with the granules because perlite is manufactured in ovens at 1100-1150°C and had an inorganic structure.

Perlite improves the quality of the soil. This means that you will get a good harvest.


  • 1. Hydroponics

  • 2. Animal nutrition

  • 3. For greenhouses

  • 4. For pot plants

  • 5. Different combination of substrates


  • 100 litre bags

    100 litre bags

  • 1.4 m³ "Big Bag" bags

    1.5 m³ "Big Bag" bags with or without pallets


Perlite is a hydrophilic rock and therefore its particles can absorb 400% more water than their own weight. During irrigation, the granules give moisture to the roots. They then draw it up from other perlite particles, which have more water in them.
The nutrients in the form of aqueous solutions that the plants receive also reach the roots much more easily.

  • Drainage

  • Ventilation

  • Neutral (pH = 6,5-7,5). Easily maintains the pH of the environment.

  • Use period of 6 years. Recommended replacement frequency once in 2 years.

  • Insulation. Minimizes the negative impact of daytime temperature change on plants.

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