Perlite for filtration

Different industries have their own nuances. But perlite is conveniently used as a filter almost everywhere.

This volcanic rock excellently cleans cold and hot water from mechanical impurities. Purity is very important in the food industry, so perlite as a filter powder is indispensable there. It helps purify vegetable oils, syrups, wine products, juices, etc. In pharmaceuticals, perlite-based filters rid solutions and suspensions of impurities. They help purify chemical products from mechanical impurities.

Perlite powder is a very porous material, it is sterile, heat resistant, non-toxic and insoluble in liquids. Due to these properties, it helps in high quality filtration. It is used as a sorbent in relation to organic impurities: it is able to absorb material which is 4-20 times larger than it in volume.

On our website you will find various types of perlite specifically for your industry. And filtration is no longer a problem.

The Scope

  • 1. Sunflower oil filter (pressed filters)

  • 2. Sunflower oil filter (vacuum filter)

  • 3. Beer filtration (vertical filters)

  • 4. Beer filtration (horizontal filters)

  • 5. Wine filtration

  • 6. Starch and glucose filtration

  • 7. Sunflower oil filter (high spin speed)

  • 8. Wastewater and seawater filtration

  • 9. Pool filter

  • 10. Acids filtration TS

  • 11. Regeneration of used machine oil


Perlite copes with its work even when filtering for a long time. The rapid speed and high degree of purification, due to the porosity of the substance, become a plus in any production.
  • High Porosity
  • Sterility
  • Heat Resistance
  • Non-Toxicity
  • Insolubility

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Perlite for filtration Global Perlita
Perlite for filtration Global Perlita
Perlite for filtration Global Perlita
Perlite for filtration Global Perlita

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