The structure of vermiculite creates a suitable environment for growing plants. It is often used in the composition of fertilisers, mixed with peat and perlite.

Vermiculite provides the most suitable environment for plant growth when mixed with perlite and peat at a 1:1:2 ratio.

The presence of vermiculite particles in the fertilisers helps ventilation, contributing to the development of retained moisture and fertilisers added with the help of vermiculite, such as potassium, magnesium and other small elements, as they are released.

Vermiculite can be used as a storage and extender for fertiliser, pesticides and herbicides. It can also be used in powder form for seed capsules.

Using vermiculite on its own or mixing it with peat or perlite requires very little water in seed germination. Vermiculite acts as a regulator due to its water retention energy, regulating moisture changes during storage time and preventing disintegration. The stored roots will not absorb moisture from within, but will retain the root by absorbing the free water outside. Vermiculite also allows plant roots to be affected by heat changes through insulation privileges.


  • 1. Seed germination

  • 2. Storage of plants

  • 3. Different combination of substrates

  • 4. For greenhouses, pots and hydroponics


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Vermiculite is inorganic and sterile. It allows the plant to ventilate the soil it needs to grow its stem, trunk and seeds faster, as well as its humidity and the uptake of the vitamins it needs in time of development.
Vermiculite is impermeable, clean and odourless, and does not deteriorate, mould or disintegrate at the same time. The pH of vermiculite is in the neutral range (6.5-7.5), but the presence of carbonate compounds around it makes the reaction generally alkaline.

  • Drainage

  • Ventilation

  • Neutral (pH = 6.5-7.5). Easily maintains the pH of the environment.
  • Insulation. Minimises the negative impact of daytime temperature change on plants.

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